Is 150kbps a “Premium” upload speed?


Over the last couple of days I’ve been receiving multiple emails regarding the Samsung Epic’s slow 3G upload speeds.  It appears that the Epic’s upload speed is shockingly slow.  I was preparing to write up this article tonight when I noticed ahuge spike in my hits!  Over at slashdot they posted an article about this issue and many Sprint Epic owners are trying to figure out what’s going on with this issue:

Miamicanes writes:

“Nearly everyone who owns a Sprint Samsung Epic 4G and has benchmarked its 3G performance has discovered that its 3G upload speeds areapparently limited to 150kbps. So far, Sprint has not officially acknowledged it as a problem, nor has it indicated whether this might be a firmware bug, a PRL issue, tower-related, or the result of a deliberate policy to cap 3G upload speeds. Regardless, the problem is causing widespread anger among Epic4G owners, many of whom have bitterly noted the irony of being charged a $10 surcharge so they can endure data transfers that are slower than they had 4 years ago (and a quarter of the speeds enjoyed by Evo owners on the same 3G network).”

Honestly, when you’re paying for something labeled “Premium Data” and it’s capped at a 150kpbs, there needs to be an explanation.  This could very well be a network issue, software problem, or hardware related, but the bottom line is that there needs to be a solution.

I’ll be waiting for an official word from Sprint, since as of this writing on 9/19/10 8:48PM EST, there hasn’t been one as far as I’m aware.

Some consumers have stated that they have sent emails to If you get a response from Dan’s office, please forward it over to me so that I can put it up on the site – Email me

Run your own speed test from‘s app in the market!