Cancel your Sprint contract without paying at ETF!



I contacted Sprint regarding my bill this last week.  I noticed that my statement was increased and saw that the discount that I’m getting is no longer being applied to my 3rd and 4th line.  After being told repeatedly that I cannot cancel my contract without paying an ETF, I was able to get to someone who eventually said, “Yes, you can cancel your contract and we can waive the ETF.”

I originally asked if I could maintain my status as a Sprint customer and be changed to a “month-to-month” basis.  This was ultimately denied.  Check out the email below:


Thank you for the follow up call, I appreciate your assistance with my account.  I just wanted to confirm that I can cancel my account and have the ETF waived, due to the change in the contract in which the discount is now being removed on the extra lines.

Again, I am requesting that I go to a month to month basis, as I wish to maintain a Sprint customer.  I would think that keeping my account and the $180 a month that I give your company, would be more beneficial than having me leave.  If you are suggesting that your company does not need my money and would allow me to leave, then please let me know what I need to do.  Again, I think that maintaining my account on a month to month basis and continuing to keep me as a customer would be benefiting both of us.

I’ve been a Sprint customer for many years and my entire family has Sprint.  I’m also a major advocate for Sprint customers and I would think that keeping your current customers, rather than allowing them to leave, would be the ideal situation.

Please let me know if you agree with me,

This is the reply that I got:

Dear Mr. [redacted],

As we discussed, effective August 27, 2010, Sprint will no longer apply the Nationwide Volume Pricing (NVP) discount to the Monthly Recurring Charge for lines on a shared service plan beyond the first two lines of service.  Sprint provided written notice to its customers in advance of the discount policy change in July and August 2010 via invoice message.  Because of this change, our customers are eligible to terminate the service on their account without penalty through September 27, 2010.

During our discussion on September 10, 2010, you requested that we remove the Subscriber Agreements on your account because of this recent change to your account.  As we discussed, unfortunately, we must respectfully decline your request because we are not extending that option to our customers who have recently experienced this account change.  Despite this recent change, we sincerely hope that you will remain our customer as we believe that we offer the best quality of service and product in the industry.  We appreciate your being our advocate over the years.  It is our hope that we will be able to continue to provide quality wireless service to you for years to come.

Executive Analyst

If you wish to leave Sprint, this is your chance.  Please, use my site as a reference and have them cancel your account if you wish.  They state that they are allowing their customers to terminate the service without a penalty through September 27th, 2010.